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about Hiroshi Harada

原田ヒロシは高校時代に街で化粧品のポスターを見てカメラマンになる事を決心し卒業後上京しました。 写真の専門学校を経て広告プロダクションを転々としながら広告写真の撮影技術を学びました。 広告カメラマンとして独立後は商品撮影を主な仕事にしていましたが撮影することだけでなく、手作業で写真を作ることに対してのこだわりがありモノクロ写真の技術をアンセル・アダムス著「The Prints/ The Negative」で独学で習得しました。これはその頃の仕事にも生かされ毎日のように暗室作業をしていました。その後時代がモノクロ写真からカラーネガプリントに移りカラープリントで納品する仕事が増え、撮影しては夜は暗室でプリントするという生活を送りました。その頃から消費されるだけでない”残る写真”を撮りたいと思いが強くなり、ハッセルブラッドを携えてバックパックを背負って旅行し風景写真やそこで出会う人達を撮影して来ました。

Harada Hiroshi made up the mind to become a photographer when saw the poster of cosmetics in the town in high school days.
and went to Tokyo after  the graduation. 
He learned advertisement photograph at the technical school of the photograph.  after  that he worked hard at advertisement production company.
He made product shooting main work after the independence as an advertisement photographer, but there are not only photographing it but also the feelings for making a photograph by hand and learns a technique of the Black &White photography by self-education in "The Prints/ The Negative" of written by Ansel Adams. This was made use of in work at the time and did darkroom work almost every day. The times changed from B&W photography to color negative print, and work to finish by color printing increased and was the life that he printed at night in a darkroom when he photographed it afterwards.
And I wanted to make “The left photograph in memory" which was not only used from that time and he carried a backpack on his back  and traveled and photographed  scenery photographs and peoples with Hasselblad.
Make the strong "durable photograph" of the visual which you acquired with the work of the advertisement about the photography. This is the aim that even personal work.

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